100% Natural
New Zealand Wool

Why use toxic dryer sheets, full of chemicals that irritate your skin?

Why use chemical fabric softners?

See the dangers of using dryer sheets & fabric softners


Our BALLS OF WOOL will soften your clothes (without chemicals), reduce drying time by at least 25% (saves you money) and are reusable for up to 1,000 loads!

All Natural Dryer Balls are handcrafted with wool from New Zealand. We only use high quality material with no cheap fillers or synthetic fibers.

Environment Friendly

Our BALLS OF WOOL are environment friendly to other laundry aids. Sourced from humanely sheered lambs, our dryer balls are completely biodegradable and non-pollutant. There are no used dryer sheets to throw away after the drying cycle.

Natural Fabric Softener

Our BALLS OF WOOL brings out the natural plushness of your clothes through the soft rubbing of the wool against your laundry. The absences of chemical components makes them ideal for fickle fabrics and irritable skin.

Helps remove wrinkles and static

The friction of our BALLS OF WOOL against your laundry helps smooth out wrinkles and the lanolin-rich wool fibers also reduce static cling. As the BALLS OF WOOL tumble amid your clothes, they create space between garments, allowing air to circulate freely and keeping you laundry from twisting and clumping.

Freshens clothes by absorbing odor

The wool in the dryer balls is sturdy and absorbent. It naturally draws out moisture and odor from fabrics, cleansing and freshening at a level beyond other laundry aids.

Free of chemical, dye and bleach

Better for you and better for your environment. Our BALLS OF WOOL are free of chemicals that tend to show up in traditional dryer sheets and liquid softeners. No dye or bleach is used during the manufacturing process.

Our natural fabric softening dryer balls are scent free and no perfume is added.

(You may add a few drops of your favorite natural essential oil to our dryer balls before you put them in the dryer if you want so your clothes will be scented.)

Great for diapers, baby clothes and sensitive skin

Our BALLS OF WOOL are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and chemical free. They are great for people with skin irritations, and a safe way to dry baby clothes and cloth diapers.

Increases air flow between laundered items

Our BALLS OF WOOLs reduces clumping and twisting of the clothes in the dryer. As the dryer balls tumble amid your laundry, they lift and separate clothes, making room for air to flow freely. The increased circulation of warm air promotes faster drying time.

Typically, fabric softeners soak the clothes in a slurry of chemicals to achieve the illusion of softness. Those same chemicals destroy the natural capabilities and characteristics of fabrics.

Wool dryer balls preserve the quality and functionality of your clothing.

Extends the life of clothing

Our BALLS OF WOOL are natural, chemical free, non-toxic and made of soft lanolin-rich wool fibers.

Our BALLS OF WOOL circulate the clothes evenly in the dryer and do their work with natural gentleness, extending the life span of your clothes.

Saves time and money

Our BALLS OF WOOL separate and circulate the laundry load in the dryer, enabling them to tumble free. The warm air flows freely, getting down to the core of the load.

This process reduces the drying time of the clothes up to 30% depending on the size of the laundry load and the number of balls used.

Our BALLS OF WOOL also last up to a thousand (1,000) loads, saving significant money over traditional dryer sheets and softening liquids.

Handcrafted to perfection

Our BALLS OF WOOL are handcrafted in the villages of Nepal with all natural wool from New Zealand. The manufacturing of these dryer balls has helped considerably the employment potential in the rural areas of Nepal.


It's as simple as it can be. You use 3 to 6 of our BALLS OF WOOL per dryer load, depending on size of the load! Just toss'em into your dryer, along with the clothes, and turn on your dryer.

*Hint: To scent your clothes, just put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on each wool ball.

$38.00 per set of six (6)


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